The Ultimate Modeling Course: BPMN 2.0 Applied in Practice

The Ultimate Modeling Course: BPMN 2.0 Applied in Practice - the ultimate modeling course: bpmn 2.0 applied in practice

The Ultimate Modeling Course: BPMN 2.0 Applied in Practice – Learn to craft expressive BPMN flow charts through dozens of real-world business cases and exercises!

This course will get you from zero to hero in BPMN 2.0. I will teach how to apply all relevant BPMN elements with the help of process of real business use cases.

We will take a look at:

  • An industrial production processes of a private space ship manufacturer
  • The compliance procedures of a holiday visa application to an island
  • A digital transformation process in the health & beauty industry.
  • A process of manual tasks applied as work instruction in the retail industry
  • And many more

Each of these real life scenarios will then be concluded by an exercise that enables you to try out the freshly learned BPMN elements yourself. 

For this we use Cawemo, a free, lightweight and very user friendly BPMN web modeler that also allows you to share your process models.

In the last section you model completely independently. You can send me the result to review! I am happy to provide you with personal feedback and advice on your final piece of work!

Of course, before every exercise and practical, real business use case I will introduce you every new BPMN element through a brief theory parts. In these theory parts you will learn about the following BPMN Elements

  • Tasks
  • Sequence Flows
  • Pools & Lanes
  • Exclusive Gateway
  • Parallel Gateway
  • Inclusive Gateway
  • Event Based Gateway
  • Start and End Event
  • Message Event
  • Timer Event
  • Conditional Event
  • Link Event
  • Attached Events
  • Collapsed Pools
  • Sub Processes
  • Call Activities
  • Data Object
  • Data Store

All of these elements will the be applied to a practical real business process.