Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing - ultimate guide to email marketing

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing – Highly detailed email marketing course with 8 free valuable tools to generate traffic, subscribers, and sales.

Learn how to start email marketing WITHOUT paying for tools or software. Ok, so you might need to spend a little on a domain name and hosting a website, but that’s it! You’ll be using industrial-grade tools like Amazon AWS SES, MailChimp, WordPress, SendGrid, phpList and more without the fees.

Compared to other courses, this course is high in details with real-life examples and case studies. Some are from the instructor’s 13 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He ran his own email marketing campaigns without paying much.

His motto is “I don’t just teach you how to pass your driver’s license test, I teach you how to drive”.

He’s not an instructor that tells you what others are telling me. He’s teaching you based on his own hard-earned experience as a real-life entrepreneur, mostly via trials and errors.

You can search for him on Wikipedia.

Note: There’s a little bit of echo in the audio, but the instructor has fixed this issue in future courses.

Credit: Presentation slide used in this course is provided by SlidesCarnival for free.