The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards

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The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards – Learn how to MAKE MONEY using credit cards, how to apply for a CC, how to avoid paying interest, and more!

Are you young and looking for a way to start building your credit score? Do you want to know how to make FREE money by using credit cards? Or are you just interested in learning how to use credit cards responsibly and effectively? If you answered yes to any or all of these three questions then this course is aimed at you. The value you will receive from this course will be knowledge that you can use for a lifetime (so long as credit cards exist!). Every day people leave money on the table or throw money away paying interest. In this course you are going to learn how to never pay interest payments and reap benefits out of credit cards. If this was a clickbait style article this course would have to be called something like “Credit card companies hate these tricks you can use to save & make money!” because what you are going to learn in this course is how to shift the power paradigm in your favor instead of the credit card companies. There are no “hacks” or “tricks” it is just learning enough to take advantage of this system instead of it taking advantage of you.

What will you learn? 

  • How credit cards work
  • How to apply for a credit card
  • How credit card interest works
  • The many different types of credit cards available
  • Which type of credit card is right for you
  • How to get great deals and avoid the downsides of retail credit cards
  • Overall advantages vs. disadvantages of using credit cards
  • Most importantly: how to make free money using credit cards

Why choose this course?

I created this course because I looked around myself and realized how little most people know about credit cards. There are many misconceptions around them and many people were never taught how to use them responsibly. This is not their fault but it is something that can be fixed and I want to help with that. Credit card companies have power over people who use them irresponsibly and/or don’t understand how to reap the benefits of using them. Choose this course to gain the knowledge needed to be in control and get the free money that is left on the table by the credit card companies.