Tony J Selimi: Mindfulness for Business

Tony J Selimi: Mindfulness for Business - tony j selimi: mindfulness for business

Tony J Selimi: Mindfulness for Business – Using mindfulness for higher productivity, performance, and profits.

This course by Tony J. Selimi, a TEDx Speaker, an unshakeable optimist and an authority on the psychology of maximising human potential, is designed to help you use mindfulness for higher Productivity, Performance and Profits.

In the course Tony shares his transformative mindfulness principles that people around the world use to cope better in highly pressured work environments and in their daily grind. He explains how to use the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ and TJS Mindfulness Pyramid© and walks you through exercises designed to identify your unmet needs that cause you to underperform, procrastinate, and withdraw from life.