The 7 Steps of Successful Dating

The 7 Steps of Successful Dating - the 7 steps of successful dating

The 7 Steps of Successful Dating – How to Attract the Love of Your Life.

Are you tired of being alone?

Are you looking to meet the love of your life?

Are you sick of living on the sidelines as all your friends pair off?

Then this course is for you!

In this course you’ll get clear about what you most want in a partner, what you won’t accept and what things you can compromise on. We’ll discuss how to date, where to go to meet prospects, what to do on a date and the kind of date that you’ll be in order to attract the right person for you.  We’ll discuss how your dating psychology and defenses can stop you before you even begin; and how to develop a positive dating mindset that will move you forward instead.

This course offers 52 short videos, exercises, PDFS, related articles and bonuses.

What am I going to get from this Course?

  • You’ll learn how your thoughts affect your dating success
  • You’ll learn how your feelings affect your dating success
  • You’ll learn to create a Dating Action Plan
  • How to use online dating sites as a tool
  • Identify online dating pitfalls and know how to respond to them
  • How to date three people at once before becoming exclusive
  • Great date ideas
  • We’ll debunk popular dating & love myths to reestablish realistic expectations
  • We’ll learn how work with rejection so that it doesn’t stop you
  • Brush up on Dating Etiquette
  • Discuss when to have sex while dating
  • Give tips on how to recognize a jerk early on
  • Help you to establish your Dating Essentials & Deal breakers
  • Address Common Dating Challenges
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions about dating

And much more…