Technical Writing API: XML Schema Programming, JSON Training

Technical Writing API: XML Schema Programming, JSON Training - technical writing api: xml schema programming, json training

Technical Writing API: XML Schema Programming, JSON Training – Technical Writing API: XML Schema Programming, XSD, JSON Training, Business Writing For Beginners, REST API Web Services.

API writers are needed all across the world to document the new features of a software with clear instructions and procedures. With the number of complexity of the software’s, it can be hard for developers to remember all the functions and the parameters it has, that’s where the API writer play a key role in building software applications, but if you can’t do technical writing, you’re missing great opportunities and other writers will grab them.

What if you could change that?

My complete Technical Writing course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to write JSON, XML & API documents, understand JSON & XML, create instructions for APIs and be hired as a writer.

For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. 🙂

What Is In This Course?

Your Technical Writing Will Never Be The Same.

Except if you’re already an excellent technical writer for APIs, understand JSON and XML, know data types, syntax programming interfaces and top web service testing tools, XML schema concepts and create API documents easily, you are going to lose more opportunities to write clear intructions and miss career advancements that other people will gladly take.

As what Suyog Ketkar, a certified technical communicator says “If we can get the design right, we can reduce the experiential differences between the first-time and the repeated usage of the application,”

This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.

In This Technical Writing Training, You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding JSON
  • Data Types And Syntax
  • Comparison Of JSON With Other Formats
  • Difference Between XML And JSON
  • Understanding XML
  • Programming Interfaces
  • Issues With XML And JSON
  • The Art Of Api Conceptual Documentation
  • Top Web Service Testing Tools
  • Open Source Api Testing Tools For Rest
  • Components Of A XML Document
  • XML Schema Concepts
  • Difference Between Xsd:Include And Xsd:Import
  • Simple & Complex Type In XML Schema
  • Schemas That Use Other Schemas
  • Creating An XML Document From Scratch
  • Using XML Notepad To Create An XML Document


Is This For You?

  • Do you want to become a technical writer?
  • Are you afraid of not writing the proper instructions or procedures?
  • Do you think you will feel proud writing the right instructions in JSON and XML?

Then this course will definitely help you.

This course is essential to all programmers, developers, system architects, system designers and anyone looking to become great at technical writing.

I will show you precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply.