Social Media Optimization Tips for Beginners

Social Media Optimization Tips for Beginners - social media optimization tips for beginners

Social Media Optimization Tips for Beginners – Start Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Off Right with SMO (Social Media Optimization) Tips for More Social Engagement.

Want to get the best start possible so you can gain more visibility, traffic and followers?

Then you’ll love all the tips inside this course!

Enroll now and you’ll learn…

  • The basics of a good social media strategy
  • How to do basic social media keyword research
  • Where to add keywords inside your social media accounts
  • How to find out where your traffic is coming from
  • Social media content creation tips
  • Tips for testing and tracking on social media
  • and so MUCH MORE!


How to connect with your target audience to build a community faster 

How to craft compelling content for your audience to increase familiarity, trust and likability.

Little-known tips to squeezing the most out of your social media efforts.

NOTE: *While most of my courses are “watch me/go do” – in this course I was a little pressed for time and still wanted to get this information out to you so here are a few tips on how to get the most out of this course.


– Use as a podcast or audio-course

– Download all the resources and fully complete the assignments – the course resources are just as valuable as the videos themselves.

– If you learn best through audio, you can also listen to it while driving, folding laundry or doing house-hold cores

– There are a lot of tips I cover so I’ve provided a checklist with all the tips in the resources that you can download in the intro lecture.

– If you ever find yourself stuck in your social media marketing efforts, come back to this course again and review the tips as needed.