React Fiber v16 Essentials

React Fiber v16 Essentials - react fiber v16 essentials

React Fiber v16 Essentials – Dive in and learn React Fiber v16. Learn the new features of React v16 in-depth.

If you want to take your React skills to the next levels and learn the new features of React v16 this is the course for you!

In essence, you’ll learn:

  • What are Error Boundaries, When to use Error Boundaries and why to use Error Boundaries. You will learn the importance of this feature and the new behaviour of React v16.
  • What are Portals, When to use Portals and why to use Portals. You will learn the importance of this feature. You will learn how to build Modals with React v15 first and then compare it to React v16 to understand how this feature helps us.
  • How to use the Strings as return type feature to return strings from components.
  • How to use Fragments to make your components ligher. You will learn the importance of this feature.

There are lots of free tutorials and videos on YouTube. So, why would you want to take this course?

The answer is straight and simple: The quality of teaching. In this course we will talk about each feature in-depth to understand why, how and when to use it. Also, we will discuss about the pro and cons of these features.

Each section is equipped with examples and discussion to make sure you understand each feature completely.

Notice that all the videos are produced with high quality video/audio, to provide you the best learning experience.

So get ready to start learning the new features of React Fiber v16 in depth.

About your instructor

Guy Ziv is a passionate software engineer and teacher with 12 years of experience building applications in different languages.
Guy Ziv is a full time developer and this course material consists of hardcore programming from his work.