The Psychology Of The Ultimate Entrepreneur

The Psychology Of The Ultimate Entrepreneur - The Psychology Of The Ultimate Entrepreneur

The Psychology Of The Ultimate Entrepreneur – Discover And Install The Mindsets, Philosophies, And Understandings Of These 17 Ultra Successful Entrepreneurs.

If you have a startup but things aren’t going so well, chances are you have a mindset problem.

According to Business Insider over 50% of businesses fail by the 5th year they are in business and over 70% fail by the 10th year.

The reasons for failures can be grouped in two.

First, what I call external reasons, cash flow problems, competition, no market need for the product, etc.

And the second group is what I call internal reasons – these are the mindsets, believes and understandings of the entrepreneurs running the startup.

This program focuses on the second group of reasons as they are more important and harder to master.

It’s not by chance, Tony Robbins said: “Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.

…because come to think of it, if you are not in the right mindset, it doesn’t matter how good of a strategy you have, because your execution will be poor.

Psychology can work for you or against you.

The main purpose of this program is to provide you with the right mindsets and help you install the psychology of the winner within you!

How am I going to do that? You are asking….

Well, I’ve spent the last several months studying and researching the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet.

Out of hundreds of entrepreneurs, I picked 17 brilliant people to present and analyze their opinion on the most important mindsets an entrepreneur should possess.

In addition to that, I share personal stories from my businesses and more importantly what are the mindsets that have been working for me throughout my entrepreneurial journey.


I designed this program for current and would-be entrepreneurs who want to build profitable businesses that will last by adapting the proven-to-be-successful mindsets and philosophies.

This program is about a mental shift.

It’s about the psychology of the stellar entrepreneur.

We’ll be discussing topics such as

  1. Fear
  2. Passion
  3. Money
  4. Value
  5. Time
  6. Action
  7. Learning 
  8. Opportunities

On the other hand, we won’t be discussing topics such as venture capital, pitching, angel investors and so on.

Again, the focus will be on the psychology not the strategy.


My name is Vladimir Raykov and I’m a direct response marketer.

And basically what I do is I help people sell their products.

I teach around 50000 students from 172 countries improve their marketing and business processes but the number of students is growing fast.

In my life as an entrepreneur I’ve managed to build a successful information product business but on the other hand, I have a few unsuccessful startups.

And we’ll have a chance to talk about that throughout the program as I analyze myself and the mistakes I made. This I believe will be quite valuable to you as it will prevent you from doing the same mistakes that cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, this is what happened when I ignored a critically important principle you will learn about in this program.

I’ve been studying management of innovation and business development in one of the best business schools in Europe – Copenhagen Business School.

I’m also the author of How To Build Your Successful Online Teaching Business (Online Entrepreneurship Book 1)

And if you believe as an entrepreneur, you need to constantly look for ways to elevate your skills, mindsets and philosophies to the next level, then I invite you to join this program.

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