Professional Corporate Presentations: The Complete Guide

Professional Corporate Presentations: The Complete Guide - professional corporate presentations: the complete guide

Professional Corporate Presentations: The Complete Guide – Does your job involve creating slides and delivering presentations? If so, then this is the #1 course for you!

Professional Corporate Presentations: The Complete Guide is a tailor-made course for aspiring:

  • Corporate executives
  • Business analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • Consultants
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create professional presentations like the ones prepared by leading consulting and investment banker firms around the world

This course is an amazing opportunity because you will learn from an instructor who has extensive experience and knowledge acquired in top tier investment banks. He started as an intern and moved his way up the ladder becoming VP of investment banking operations. Peter knows how to create informative, well designed, and clear presentations. And by the end of this course, so will you.

This course says “Practical!” from lesson one. We show you how to build a complete corporate presentation from scratch, and we do it slide-by-slide, box-by-box. Together, we’ll create a company profile of  one of the largest companies in the world – Nestle. That’s an invaluable exercise that will allow you to see first hand how to create professional slides, what to include in these slides, where to find the information you need, and how to leave a lasting impression on your audience.