A Powerful Guide to Overcome Anorexia

A Powerful Guide to Overcome Anorexia - a powerful guide to overcome anorexia

A Powerful Guide to Overcome Anorexia – A comprehensive, self-help guide on developing a healthy relationship with food, appreciation, and accountability.

 A useful, SELF-HELP GUIDE that gives essential information on anorexia nervosa & help you work systematically to overcome anorexia.

This guide is meant to deliver alternative forms of terapy, present  the ways I have found to get better and  give practical suggestions of measures you can take in your life to recover.

This guide is most effective when used by you and someone else together (friend, family)  to read through the advice and help you apply it to your own set of circumstances.

Colourfully ilustrated and easy to read & understand.

  1. An Introduction to Anorexia
  2. Restoring your body to a Healthy Weight
  3. Treating the Psychological Issues related to Anorexia
  4. Tips for Appreciating your Body
  5. Advice for Family
  6. Maintain Long-Term Recovery


Recovery from anorexia nervosa involves you TAKING CONTROL on you eating disorder than letting it take control of you & CHALLENGING your previous paterns of eating.


  •            First and foremost your MOTIVATION is essential if you want this guide to have any beneficial effects.
  •           Progress depends on attempting ALL the steps involved and testing out the sugesstions made. It is important that you take credit for your own progress and confront your believes and fears at a pace that is confortable for you.
  •          Change involves a PERSISTENT EFFORT in examining beliefs about weight, shape & the underlying issues which may perpetuate the disorder.