Posing Models Masterclass

Posing Models Masterclass - posing models masterclass

Posing Models Masterclass – Learn to pose models for photoshoots.

pictures are used as samples to review different poses. This course is geared towards photographers that take pictures of female models and for models that want to get better at posing for photoshoots. Once you take this course you will be confident enough to pose for standing, leaning, and sitting positions.

We will go over these lessons:

– Legs: Different examples of positions for your legs for standing, sitting, and leaning poses. Tips to makes legs look more interesting.

– Hips: Samples of moving your hips to one side to make the pose look better.

– Arms: Different positions for your arms in poses. All the things you should and shouldn’t do with your arms.

– Hands: What to do with your hands and tips to make your hands look better in pictures.

– Chins and Necks: Where to position your chin in relation to your neck. Samples of pictures that look better with the neck exposed.

– Shoulders: Tips on using your shoulders to make a pose better, and how much better it is to show the shoulder versus hiding it.

– Posture: Samples on how good posture makes a picture better.

– Hair: What to do with your hair in the picture and where not to have your hair show in the picture.

– Expressions: The key to making your expression the best for pictures. Samples of good expression and bad ones.

– Where to Face & Look: Samples of models facing different places in the picture and when to face a certain direction.

I will also teach you my perfect shot system to take better pictures which shows you how to take a better picture by building from the last picture taken.