PHP Learning with Live Project

PHP Learning with Live Project - php learning with live project

PHP Learning with Live Project – Design Full Flash Shopping Website with Payment Receiving Option.

  • Learn and Understand PHP Programming from Base to Advance Level
  • Understand the use PHP Components while designing of Web Based Application

The course is designed for web developers and for programmers and for all level professionals who need to master the capabilities of the PHP & MySQL. Through the video lectures you’ll learn the usage of PHP & MySQL Step by step and also design one small project with the help of PHP & MySQL.

Become a PHP & MySQL Learner and learn the use of PHP Components using live Project Development. In this course, we will start the course from very beginning and learn the use of PHP all components  STEP BY STEP and also Develop one SHOPPING WEBSITE PROJECT. A part of this User will also learn How they can link there PAYPAL ACCOUNT WITH  SHOPPING WEBSITE TO RECEIVE THE SOLD PRODUCTS PAYMETS FROM CUSTOMER END. While learning the PHP & MySQL programming we will cover below mentioned topic:

  • Introduction of PHP Programming
  • Installation of XAMPP Server
  • How to Configure Local PHP Server on the Desktop?
  • How to Start Programming using PHP Syntax and Learn use of HTML and PHP Together?
  • Learn the Use of phpinfo() Function


  • How to create “Shopping World Website Project Enviournment”?
  • Testing of Bootstrap and Jquery Files
  • Designig of Website Navigation bar using Bootstrap Navigation Class
  • Add Home, Product,Search, Cart, SignIn and SignUp option in Navigation Bar
  • Add Bootstrap Icons (Home,Cart,SignIn,SignUp) on Navigation Bar
  • How to Work on Category Section of Shopping World Wesite?
  • Designing of Product Section & Show Product Image 
  • How to Create Drop Down Customer Login or SignIn Form?
  • Create Panel for “Cart” Option to display puchase product detail
  • Introdcution of MySQL Database and Set Root Password?
  • How to create MySQL Data base and Tables for “Shopping World Website”
  • Add Values in MySQL Tables
  • How to display Category and Brand values using Database Connectivity?
  • How to do the payment of products using PAYPAL

Note: Some sessions recording is under process we will upload the remaining session on each friday basis as well also mentioned New Recorded topics in course curriculum. We request to the learners please check the curriculum section on daily basis and get the information of New Recorded Video Sessions.

Project- Shopping World Website Step By Step

Now you can learn PHP & MySQL from the very beginning. Beautifully designed for beginners to get a great start while helping more experienced users fill in any gaps in their knowledge. You enjoy expert tutorial videos that clearly show you how to accomplish every aspect of PHP & MySQL.

This course is just what you want for being confident with PHP & MySQL in the workplace. Also gives you everything you need to know for personal use.

The self-learning video format lets you study on your own schedule. Watch videos as you have time, then come back to learn more later.

Now you can become a master at using one of the world’s most popular open source programming language along with MySQL.