Photoshop CC 2017 Essentials

Photoshop CC 2017 Essentials -

Photoshop CC 2017 Essentials – Become a Photoshop hero by learning the essentials of Adobe Photoshop with this easy to follow course!

This introductory course to Photoshop covers the fundamental functions to get started editing and improving photos. Course is split into three main sections:

– Introduction to Photoshop

– Tools of Photoshop

– Projects

In first section you will learn how Photoshop works. How to modify workspace. How to create new document. What are layers, blending options, masks, smart objects, differences between PC and MAC with shortcuts and loots of other.

In second section we will go over all tools in Photoshop. For each tool you will have example inside lecture.

In the third section is fun, there we have couple of projects created from scratch. And when you finish with first and second section third one will be peace of cake for you. From this course you can expect to learn all basics that Photoshop offers. And also you will get chance to start working on real projects.