Your Personal Beauty Guide for Natural Skin Care

Your Personal Beauty Guide for Natural Skin Care - your personal beauty guide for natural skin care

Your Personal Beauty Guide for Natural Skin Care – Make customized skincare products. DIY recipes and projects included! Vegan and gluten-free friendly!

The course will be offered free of charge for the first 500 students- be sure to take advantage of this great offer now!

You are unique. Your skin care should be, too. Aromatherapy, natural skin care using essential oils and other key natural ingredients are your valuable secret to beautiful, healthy looking skin!

This is the ultimate course for natural skin care: For all skin types. Assess your current skin type and learn what essential oils, carrier oils and other star natural ingredients are best for YOU!

Learn the top essential oils and carrier oils (and bonus star natural ingredients) for the following skin types:

Sensitive skin

Combination & Normal skin

Oily & Acneic skin

Dry Skin

Mature Skin

Bonus Section! Inflamed Skin (eczema & psoriasis)

Practical exercises help you:

  • Detox your cosmetics and skin care products cupboard
  • Assess your current skin type so you know where to start with using natural skin care ingredients
  • 6 Step aromatherapy home facial

DIY projects include:

  • Make a facial wipe cleanser (video how to!)
  • Make a facial toner (video how to!)
  • How to make a facial oil (video how to!)
  • How to do a facial steam (video how to!)

Recipes included for:

  • Facial steam
  • Face mask
  • Face scrub

This course walks you through selection of natural skin care products for your skin type. It also provides you with the necessary knowledge tools so you can make your own custom skin care items.