Parking, Reversing and Low-speed Driving Made Easy

Parking, Reversing and Low-speed Driving Made Easy - parking, reversing and low-speed driving made easy

Parking, Reversing and Low-speed Driving Made Easy – Avoid costly dents, increase your options for parking spots & become a more confident driver with and without a trailer.

Just a minor dent can cost several hundred dollars to fix and the likelihood of you having one is fairly high. Parking buildings and car parks can be full of hazards like poles and kerbs; parallel parking scares some people so much that they drive around and around trying to find a space they can pull into forwards; even basic reversing is tricky for some, let alone if you have a trailer.

This course is presented by 20-year veteran driving instructor Duncan Seed of 2 Drive Safe. He’s been an Approved Driving Instructor in the UK and is an I-endorsed driving instructor in New Zealand. He’s a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists and is accomplished in driving and instructing drivers of all types of vehicles. He’ll take you right from the basics of recognising blind spots and setting your vehicle up correctly right through to analysing complex situations where you have to reverse into narrow spaces with multiple hazards. You’ll also learn how to reverse a trailer and how to use a spotter.

Whether you want to pass your practical driving tests more easily, you’re a company driver who wants to improve their skills behind the wheel, you’ve bought a trailer and you need to learn better techniques for moving it, or you’re just an interested member of the public that doesn’t want a huge bill for repairing an annoying dent, this course has you covered.

In this course we drive on the left (the same as the UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan, etc), but the techniques and tips are equally as valid in countries that drive on the right such as the USA and Canada.