Parenting and Emotional Bonding

Parenting and Emotional Bonding -

Parenting and Emotional Bonding – Skills for parenting and sorting the Emotional Bonding problems from the conception to the teenage.

Understanding the emotional bonding can be tough.
Some of the mistakes made from conception stages to teenage level can take years to sort out.
That is why learning about the emotional bonding skills will be one of the most profitable investments you ever attempt.

Elasto Marume is a pastor and man of hands-on experience in family relations for many years and acquired practical as well as usable skills to help parents succeed in raising mature and emotional grown kids. He will teach you skills to establish parental leadership with A TOUCH OF LOVE in your home, putting an end to the emotional conflict that causes power struggles. You will have reliable communication with your child of any age in ways that build trust, enhance self-worth, solve problems, causing your child to learn responsibility.

You will need any of these gadgets to access the course (a Desktop, Mobile Phone, a Tablet or any other).

Is this course for you?
This course is for Parents, Fostering Parents, Church leaders, Youth leaders, Children Churches/Groups and Clubs, (of different ages from the unborn to teenagers) who need skills to build emotionally healthy children in their families and communities. Anyone who want to raise successful, responsible children, is the best candidate, experienced or not experienced parents, careers or foster parents