How To Be An Online Video Producer/Director

How To Be An Online Video Producer/Director - how to be an online video producer/director

How To Be An Online Video Producer/Director – Do you want to make great video content or understand the process better then this is the course for you.

In this course we will cover every element of video production from pre-production tips and tricks to post production solutions. For any person considering a career in the video production business this is for you. Here is a detailed breakdown of the various topics we will cover:


  • What does a producer do?
  • Where does a producer sit in a typical organisation & salary?
  • Creating an online video strategy
  • Making stories


  • Deconstructing a brief/pitch
  • How to have a creative brainstorm
  • Sources of inspiration
  • The video length myth
  • Targeting an audience
  • Scripting
  • Budget and ROI
  • Planning a shoot
  • Choosing talent/influencers/working with agents
  • Choosing a location
  • Choosing a crew
  • Creating shareable content
  • What is a call sheet?
  • How to design a studio (colourama’s for mobile)
  • Schedule of the shoot day
  • What frame size should I use? 16×9, 1×1 or 9×16
  • Shot list & storyboard
  • What is a risk assessment & do I need insurance? (Insurance & public liability)


  • Think from the edit
  • What type of kit should we use?
  • Multi-camera shoots vs single camera
  • Multi-unit filming
  • On-location vs Studio filming
  • Interactive content – clickable stories
  • Live filming
  • Long-form vs short-form
  • Filming abroad
  • Backing up footage on-location
  • Errors during filming (sound interruptions, sets collapsing, etc)
  • Why use a film slate?
  • Using green screens
  • Should I hide the mic?
  • Filming stunts & special effects
  • Location & content release forms
  • BECTU, BVE, NAB, IBC, & other sources of information


  • Why the edit is so important
  • A brief history of editing
  • What editing software to use? Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, avid
  • Managing media – folder structure
  • Codecs/Ingesting/transcoding footage & what export setting should I use?
  • What music should I use? Places for good royalty free music. Mood, tone of edit.
  • Should I add subtitles?
  • Using other peoples copyright


  • What is optimising content?
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter