Meditation for All! Meditate like a Zen monk! By A. Deeks

Meditation for All! Meditate like a Zen monk! By A. Deeks - meditation for all! meditate like a zen monk! by a. deeks

Meditation for All! Meditate like a Zen monk! By A. Deeks – For Beginners & Advanced Meditators. Not a relaxation course! Learn & improve your practice fast. Mindfulness is key.

So what makes this one different

What makes this one better?

  • Would you like to be able to meditate effortlessly without wasting time with your mind constantly wondering off?
  • Have you tried to meditate only to find you just cannot do it?
  • Perhaps you think you are meditating when you are in fact just relaxing.

In this course you learn how to meditate, correctly and without wasting your precious time practising to sit still or calm your mind!

In this world of Artificial Intelligence advancements, why are we not advancing as humans?

We have had the basic knowledge for thousands of years, yet we are kept busy being worker ants. We are kept down with our life stresses, lack of this type of education and things like  fast processed foods we are actually going in the wrong direction just look at the steady increase in the modern world illness rates! If we are not careful between A.I. and modern age illnesses we are going to be left behind unless you decide to stay ahead and the first step to do this is through meditation and in today’s society it has never been easier. The knowledge of the old with the new technologies used in this meditation course we can do this effortlessly. The time to start evolving is now.

I have not just studied a simple weekend course in Transcendental Meditation and then claim I know how to mediate and teach meditation. I have been researching this along with other mind techniques for well over 2 decades. When studying and researching like I said I did not just read a book or take a weekend meditation course, I went to the top I have studied with Yogacharyas and Zen Roshis.

I have researched the mind and its abilities and I have mastered many techniques. I do (not am) ADD and due to this I needed to master my mind to be able to do things like:

  • Overcome my constant insomnia.
  • Combate stress, which has been proven to be x10 times worse for ADDers over regular people.

I had real reasons to go above and beyond to truly understand the mind and how we work. On this journey I have not only done this but I have discovered many, many amazing things.

I quickly discovered that regular meditative techniques just did not cut it for me when in periods of high stress or once insomnia had crept back in for any period of time.

I had to keep looking further than just some standard meditation technique or breathing exercise.

Now I am not saying these cannot be great little tools however for me they are not enough!

In this meditation course you will be using some of these techniques as a addition to the main exercises as when done in the right way, at the right times can be very useful additional balancing tools.

  • I have studied many, many styles of meditation. 
  • I am a Raja Yoga Teacher, Raja Yoga is not some modern fad Yoga but is one of the Original 4 types of Yoga from India and is the Mental Yoga or the Yogic path via the mind.
  • I have studied many forms of Chi/Qi/Ki: Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, Tao chi, etc..
  • I have studied the ancient: Buddhism, Zen, Kabbalah, Taoism, Cristian “Prayer”, Hinduism, Shamanism, Wicca and other Pagan systems, etc …..
  • I have studied the more modern: Psychology & Philosophy, From Plato via Freud to Wilber, Neurolinguism, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Neuro-feedback, Sound Frequency Therapies and many more.

When talking about my person situation as an ADDer I have not only learnt to dominate my mind, I have learnt to turn on and off the H at will. Or turn my ADD into ADHD. (I do not much enjoy the H so I rarely do it).

If I can turn the H on the is it not possible for an ADHDer to turn it off? I digress.

This meditation course combines various systems & techniques, from both the east and west and from the ancient world and the latest modern technologies to enable you to go from 0 to 100 in no time at all.

Traditionally it takes a Zen monk decades to get his mind to the levels of meditation required by his practise. We know this, thanks to modern Neuro-feedback techniques. We can literally see what his brain is doing when at these levels. Knowing where a Zen monk goes we can replicated these states using certain technologies to show us where we want to be in no time at all. And once we learn these this mastery becomes possible within a very short amount  of time.

How long will this course take to go from 0 to 100 or from beginner to advanced to mastery?

Like I have mentioned a Zen monk will take years or even decades to get there. However with daily practise and a little dedication you can get there in months and possibly even weeks with this meditation course! By the end of this meditation course you will be able to meditate like a Zen monk and more!

We will discussion how we do this at length within the course…

So how much time will you need each day for this meditation course?

I have students in over 70 countries and I am not going to sell you a meditation course that says “learn mediation in 3 minutes a day” because if you simply breath fully and deeply for 10-20 breaths which takes about 3 minutes, is this meditation? Or a little relaxation technique? It really annoys me when people sell relaxation as meditation. Not because the techniques are not the same thing:

  • Can you train to deadlift a 300 kilogram barbell by lifting a 90 kilogram bar? Lifting 90 kilos is good but it is not the same as lifting 300kg!
  • Can you train to run a 50 km marathon by jogging 1km a day? Jogging 1 km can be a fair amount of exercise for some people yet it will not enable you to run a 50k.

This is a serious meditation course for people who are serious about wanting to learn meditation fast and effectively

This meditation course starts at level zero at just over 15 minutes a day and if you wish to stay at 15 minutes because you find it enough for your needs that is absolutely okay!

However if you wish to become and advanced meditator or to even master meditation to reap the true benefits, this meditation course will take you up to 1 hour a day, if you so wish.

With this said, once you have mastered meditation:

  • Can use practise it for 3 minutes at a time? Oh Yes! A 3 minute meditation is amazing and the difference between that and a 3 minute little relaxation technique is, well….. incomparable!

To be able to have a constant mindfulness we need calm. To have a calm mind at all times we need to be in control and be the master of it. So mindfulness truly only comes when once we have mastered our minds. Then from here we can go from constant mindfulness to constant enlightenment.

So if you have read all of this page and as I know many people will not I will to throw in a little bonus tip for those of you that have got here:

  • Once you have enrolled in the meditation course. If you have a cold or when you get one, meditate with track 7, for the length you have time for. Do this concentrating on your totem, focusing your attention to either your navel area (your belly button) and or the root of your tongue (sort of the front of your throat). See how you feel afterwards. And please let me know through Udemy’s internal messaging service. (Using this meditation on myself is worth many times over what the course costs)!!!

Thank you and see you in my meditation course.

Some reviews of people who have taken the course:

“Loved the course. I am a teacher and have a very high stressed job. I listened to the first audio and I must say it was a little strange. But I definitely felt better afterwards. Very funny feeling. Guess it will take some getting used to. As for the course, it was well explained and the teachers views are very different from what I am used to but they make sense. They mention more courses are in the works. And I am looking forward to them.”