Meditation – How to change your life easily and effectively

Meditation – How to change your life easily and effectively - meditation - how to change your life easily and effectively

Meditation – How to change your life easily and effectively – Become the master of your mind with these life-changing guided meditations.

Meditation provides endless opportunities and experiences, from simple relaxation to meeting your angels and guides you are sure to go on a journey like no other. Guided meditation has been used for centuries, by shamans and spiritual people to enter a trance like state. By entering this state they are able to access realms far beyond our own, and access deeper parts of their own mind.

You will learn how to master your mind, and become the creator of a life you want for yourself by using guided meditation. It has long been proven that accessing the subconscious mind, has amazing and life changing capabilities. By accessing this part of your mind, by meditating and allowing theta brainwaves to be more dominant you can access the very program that controls how you think and feel.

So let me guide you on your journey, from self esteem to meeting your  spirit guides, give yourself the power to change your life using guided meditation in just a few short steps. With 7 hours of guided meditation videos, you can be sure to find something that will open your mind and eyes to the worlds and experience beyond our own.

  • PLEASE NOTE: I don’t want to spoil your fun, but this course contains a health and safety notice at the beginning. This is to ensure your safety at all times, while you are in a meditation state. Honestly it’s nothing to be scared of, simply relax, unwind and unlock the ability of your mind.

>>> Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level sessions 7 hours of downloadable content  <<<

Navigate your way through learning the following;

  • Basics of guided meditation
  • Days 1-5, relaxation
  • Days 6 – 10 Inner peace
  • Find serenity meditation
  • Worry free meditation
  • Clearing spiritual energy meditation
  • Good nights sleep meditation
  • Envision good health meditation
  • Help alleviate pain meditation
  • Healing chakra audio meditation
  • General healing meditation
  • Lean to love yourself meditation
  • Letting go of the past meditation
  • Raising self esteem meditation
  • Connecting to your higher self meditation
  • Meet your spirit guide meditation
  • Meet Archangel Gabriel meditation
  • Meet Archangel Michael meditation
  • 7 hours of on demand guided meditation videos
  • All videos are downloadable for your own personal use only

So enroll today, lay back and start your journey to inner peace, healing and enlightenment.