Mastering Photoshop Channel Masking

Mastering Photoshop Channel Masking - mastering photoshop channel masking

Mastering Photoshop Channel Masking – Harness the power of professional masking techniques.

Photoshop is an exceptionally powerful and the tool of choice for professional photography retouching. But with this power and flexibility comes complexity. Complexity that can make it difficult to learn and use, with new tools being added regularly

One of the most common tasks you will need to perform is selective adjustment. Perhaps you want to create a black and white photo an isolated area of colour? Maybe you want to replace a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds? Or, do you want to combine multiple images into a single scene? And I’m certain you want the finished image to be of excellent quality.

Despite all the new tools and advances, professional image editors will repeatedly turn to the techniques outlined in this course. These allow you to create complex and detailed masks with speed and precision. In many instances, more easily and with greater accuracy than the latest tools. Like many things in life, once you learn the best techniques, achieving great results becomes easy.

This course will help you learn and master the essential skills of channel masking. All the skills you need to create and refine complex masks are explained in full. Working with the images you see in the videos you can follow each lessons step by step; all the image files are provided. The course also includes two full length examples, again with sample images for you to follow.

Watch the course trailer now to see these powerful techniques in use.