Master Information Security – Part 1

Master Information Security – Part 1 - master information security - part 1

Master Information Security – Part 1 – Get to know some of the ins and outs of cyber security methods and practices.

This curse sums up more than 10 years working on IT and the first semester of a master degree in information technologies security.
The topics are:

  • Security concepts and methodologies (Terminology, Security properties and case study of a Risk Management plan)
  • Cryptography (Introduction, Historical background, principles and how to stay anonymous on the Internet)
  • Security benchmark (Black-box and white-box approach to exploit and secure a system)
  • Formulary hacks (Code a vulnerable form, exploit and secure it)
  • Build a dedicated virtual server (Backup your data, including Time Machine, run your Virtual Machines among other perks)
  • Extra chapters about web server sandboxes and the Wannacry ransomware, will be updated as I see fit our you demand.

Even if you are already a system administrator or a newbie you are most likely to find something new, as I did previously to start this.
If you have any question or doubt just send me a message.