Master Google AdWords Sales with the Profit Detector Formula

Master Google AdWords Sales with the Profit Detector Formula - master google adwords sales with the profit detector formula

Master Google AdWords Sales with the Profit Detector Formula – Sell Google AdWords, SEO, Facebook ads and any other Digital Marketing service to the most profitable 20% of your leads!

Profit Detector Sales Course will help you to determine the 20% of the Google AdWords leads and clients that brings you 80% ot the profit! It is combination of marketing science and real sales experience. 

My name is Grigor Yovov, I am an CEO of Business Trend – Digital marketing agency and also a cretor of the PROFIT DETECTOR FORMULA. I start my career as a sales of digital marketing products (SEO, Google AdWords etc.) and managed to put my name under the certificates of the top leaders in the digital marketing world such as Google, HubSpot and Daragh Walsh.

Then came the big moment!

Before 7 years I start my own company and become independent digital marketing consultant. I constantly growth my business by selling SEO and PPC ads in AdWords and Facebook.

Actually I have such a success selling digital marketing services that I have never thought hiring other sales representative. I really love my work!

At this time I haven’t an idea that lately I’ll create the PROFIT DETECTOR FORMULA!

But not always the things were so smooth.

I remember like it was yesterday that lead that comes one morning form our facebook campaign.

In the beginning it was so promising!

I start a little research before calling the client as usual. It was a medium size travel agency willing to push up sales in the summer season with some mix of SEO and AdWords.

I call the phone and after a few minutes I have the basic information of what the client need. The main goal was to sell exotic destinations like Maldives, morocco and Tanzania, but mostly to target a hotel in Greece that my client was prebuy for the whole summer season.

The client was so confident they want to start the campaign and arrange a meeting in couple of days.

So I put my marketing gloves and decide to do some prep work before the meeting.

I make a short keyword research on the most common terms and the CPC price. Also check google trends and buzzsumo for additional ideas. Than search live in google for the competitors and brows their websites to get some clue for the environment of the business. And so on, and so on. It took me 5 hours to collect all the data and create a great presentation for the meeting.

The day before the meeting I hit a golden mine. It was a traditional fest that take place next to that Greece hotel location at the end of the season. I make additional keyword research and find that there are people searching for the fest from the beginning of the season but I have not find a serious competition.

Real golden mine!

To worm up the client a put another hour creating short video to present my discovery and demonstrate that I have serious intention to find the best solution for the client.

Anyway the day of the meeting have arrived and I knocked on the front door of their office.

The meeting pass buy very well and I managed to present all the material prepared and answer all clients questions.

At the final stage I already feel the taste of the deal closing and decide to ask whether we’ll be ready to start the campaign.

Than the cold shower came!

“We are now on the stage of collecting offers. Also still not sure if we need to go for Adwords or the local radio and newspaper for the fest event, we just do not have budget for both.”

Of course I explain that adwords is much more measurable and effective method and there is a lot of issues to be calculated before starting the campaign.

But at the end of the day I was empty-handed with a bunch of researches under my arm and more than 10 hours of lost in preparation time.

It wasn’t the first time a false lead loses my time, but definitely it was the last drop in the glass of my patient!

I sit in my office, lock the door and stay there a whole week. In the dark I calculate day and night all the sales experience I have and all the sells ninja resources in the internet.

And finally I did it!

3 minutes’ system to qualify leads and spread them in 4 easy groups to manage my selling time and afforts called the PROFIT DETECTOR!

It was real boost in my sales business! I have never find my selves in lost time and nerves position again!

I call it Profit Detector sales formula!

There are 4 levels of efforts you can reach depending the lead and 22 types of leads depending their credibility and monetary value.

Today I’ll present the system in my course, hurry up and subscribe!

The most challenging part in selling any digital marketing services,

including Google AdWords is to find the most profitable leads and turn them in to clients!

That’s why I create this course!

In it I’ll reveal my success formula, I called it The Profit Detector.

I am Grigor Yovov, the founder of Business Trend Ltd Digital marketing

agency and certified Google AdWords Expert with more than 7 years of experience!

Let me show you my Google AdWords clients list!

These are clients I win and manage their campaigns thanks to the profit detector formula.

The total spending of the clients is around of 128 000 dollars!

Depending on the pricing strategy you have the profit may vary, but this is not the topic of the current course!

The idea behind this course is to show you how you can win this much and even more clients for your business!

Now I’ll tell you in a nut shell the story behind the formula.

After releasing my own business in 2011 I manage to quickly increase my client’s portfolio.

I have noticed that there is one in the same sales funnel every profitable lead goes over.

This is a very specific logical sequence that splits the leads in a few groups.

I find that very few of this groups brings me 80% of the profit and the rest just lose my time.

That’s how the Profit Detector was born.

This is scientific sales method based on proven sales relations.

It is not some kind of magician far-fetched theory with no practical value.

This is a working day to day sales model that can boost your google AdWords sales from day one!

What exactly you will learn in this course?

  • You will learn how to define the clients value before decide if a lead is profitable or not!
  • You will learn the relation between quality and investment capabilities!
  • How decision and competency reflect on the sales process
  • What is momentum and many more!

Most importantly we’ll compile all this knowledge in the profit detector formula!

At the end of this course you will be able to easily define profitable leads from all the others.

The profit detector formula is designed to be immediately implemented in your daily sales strategy and boost your sales!

Subscribe for this course today and take advantage to your competitors!

Now we’ll continue with a few free lectures.

You will learn how to define the client live value and put the basis of the profit detector formula. Let’s begin!