Love, Relationships & Commitment – Finding the Right Man

Love, Relationships & Commitment – Finding the Right Man - love, relationships & commitment - finding the right man

Love, Relationships & Commitment – Finding the Right Man – Help! I Can’t Find a Man… Are You Tired of Being Single? Are You Ready for the Right Man in Your Life? For Women Only.

Love, Relationships & Commitment is an invitation to a new experience of yourself and your partner. The content of this course has a focus on relationship dynamics and is intended for women who ache for authentic relationships with their partner.

Most of what appear to be issues in relationship are really self issues acted out in the relationship dynamic. We complain about him, this or that, and convince ourselves that if he would just change, we would finally be content. But our internal landscape determines our experience of the external one, and must be addressed at all levels rather than restricted to intellect and insight. Love, Relationships & Commitment is intended for women, and is a creative, empowering, process-oriented personal development course, focusing in depth on the relinquishment of a thought system based on fear for a thought system based on love. You will come to connect with your partner on a truly intimate level, with more depth and appreciation for how they have been shaped by life.

What will I discover?

Empowerment, accountability, freedom and purpose. You will leave the course with a new experience, a new understanding, and conflict resolution tools to continue your growth in loving relationship. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing support beyond the course with a Facebook support group, adding new lectures and answering questions in the discussion group.

Being consumed by judging the quality of our existence by ‘him’, or ‘this or that’ keeps you in a state of perpetual victim consciousness. Realizing that you are not a victim or powerless has the potential of revolutionizing not only your relationship with yourself, but launching a new way of relating to your partner, the world and everyone in it.

Once you have taken back responsibility for your own life, you can then begin to discover a whole new level of loving