Leading Effective Meetings

Leading Effective Meetings -

Leading Effective Meetings – Learn how to effectively plan, run, & manage meetings of any kind. Increase your team’s productivity & participation.

Did you know that in the US alone in 2017, $37 billion dollars spent on “unnecessary” and “unproductive” meetings?

If you believe that, then you wouldn’t be surprised to find out that:

  • 90% of meeting attendees admit to “daydreaming”
  • 73% of employees admit to working on unrelated tasks during meetings
  • Only 27% of meetings are run with an agenda

Ridiculous, right?

So the question then becomes… are YOU making your meetings as effective as possible?

Chances are that you’re not.

In this course we’re going to learn the best & most efficient ways of learning how to prepare for, manage, and run everyday meetings.