Launch Your Dog Business From Home Using The Rover Platform

Launch Your Dog Business From Home Using The Rover Platform - launch your dog business from home using the rover platform

Launch Your Dog Business From Home Using The Rover Platform – Promote your dog sitting (cats too), dog walking & dog training home business on Rover, Yelp, Google local & local SEO.

Do you have a passion for dogs and want to turn that passion into your very own dog business from home using the website Rover?

If your answer was yes then you have come to the right course where I have partnered with Alex Genadinik to bring you the best course on Udemy on how to start a dog business online, from home, using Rover.

Now you may be wondering what was my motive for signing up on Rover? I quit my 9-5 job middle of 2016 so I could pursue my own work from home dream where I was my own boss. The best way to ensure that my dream became a reality was through having multiple sources of income and I just knew that I could help other dog owners in my area as well.

Yet when I signed up with Rover I expected clients to come pouring in, but months and months later, nothing happened. So that’s when I started digging deeper, doing my research and testing what worked and what didn’t work until I got my very first client on Rover end of January. Then I got my second and third client and in a matter of 6 months I made over $2,300 by working part-time with only eight local clients and their dogs.

In this course, Alex and I are giving you a well rounded course for all dog lovers that want to start their own dog business from home using Rover with little startup cost. Yet this course may not be for you if you have no interest in caring for other people’s dogs or already have a successful Rover account up and running.

In this course you will be able to:

✔ Understand all the elements of your Rover profile when you first sign up

✔ Set your own hours and select what dog services you will offer

✔ Attract new clients by implementing the different strategies in this course

✔ Promote your Rover business online & locally in your area