Keeping It Real Estate!

Keeping It Real Estate! - keeping it real estate!

Keeping It Real Estate! – Real Estate is the way to WEALTH.

This is an 11 week course of study and support for those wanting an entry into the field of real estate.  Keeping It Real Estate will help you understand what is needed to become a real estate agent.  The skills you will acquire in this course will help you buy and invest in real estate even if your resources are limited.  You will learn to invest creatively and effectively.  This course is geared toward investors who have little money and  those who may want to study to get their real estate license.  This course examines real estate from an urban perspective but all are welcome to participate.

This course is a combination of video lectures, handouts, articles, conversations and assignments.  Upon completion of this course you will have a clear understanding of basic real estate terms and the real estate market as it may affect you in the area where you live or which to invest. You will develop a personalized plan to jumpstart your real estate career.