Job Hunting Hack-a-thon

Job Hunting Hack-a-thon - job hunting hack-a-thon

Job Hunting Hack-a-thon – How to increase your batting average when hunting for your next job.

Congratulations, we’re going to fix that!

I will teach you how to apply for many jobs in a short amount of time, so you can spend time doing other things as opposed to spending a lot of time applying to just a handful of jobs when they will only spend less than 7 seconds reviewing your application.

Sounds like a breath of fresh air? We’re just getting started!

This course will show you which online job boards to use so you can apply quickly to a lot of jobs, in a short period of time.

I have seen the hiring process from the applicant’s standpoint, and the employer’s stand point. It’s frustrating all around, and I will show you how to navigate through the gauntlet of applicant tracking systems, and 7 second reviews of your time invested resume.

Moreover, I will provide you with my professional resume template that I have used with my clients to improve their job application success who have careers in Hospitality, Business, and Technology. You can, absolutely use the template and wording when editing your own Resume. It’s a completely unorthodox approach to the number of resumes I have personally seen in the corporate world and it will truly help you stand out from the herd.

I will also provide you with 2 cover letter templates that have delivered results for myself, and other successful candidates that you can also use as an example.

If what I have said still hasn’t convinced you to take the course, please be aware that it comes with a 30-day money-back-in-full guarantee. This means you can take the entire course, and decide for yourself if it was of value to you. If the answer is “No.”, you can simply click a button and get your investment back. No questions asked, and no hassle.   So since there’s nothing to lose, why not come try my course?

Your time is valuable, and the amount of time you would save applying for jobs would be a fraction of the price of this course. Every minute you’re spending applying for jobs is costing you the opportunity of doing something else that you want to do.

Take the course and gain your time back!