Intro to Buzzstream: A Digital Marketing, SEO & PR Tool

Discover relevant authors in your niche and build personalized relationships with them at scale.

Intro to Buzzstream: A Digital Marketing, SEO & PR Tool -


Intro to Buzzstream: A Digital Marketing, SEO & PR Tool

This course is designed as an introduction to the popular link building, PR, and business development tool called Buzzstream.  Learning how to use Buzzstream can empower digital marketers to scale personalized relationship building with bloggers, influencers, and other members of the media.

The course shows both the instructor and an over-the-shoulder walk through of the basic components of the platform.  It is aimed primarily at newcomers looking for a window into Buzzstream.

Learning how to use the service will enable you to conduct real outreach to influencers in your niche.  By building mutually beneficial relationships with these people, you can become a helpful member of the your niche’s community.  In turn, you can also romote your content.

Content promotion is essential to the content marketing process.  You may have the best blog post, infographic, video, or other media.  However, that is all but useless if nobody else sees it.  The real reward from great content comes from sharing it with the right people.

Developing quality relationships with like-minded bloggers and members of the media is can lead to references to your content, earned backlinks, and relevant traffic.  This is exactly what most people need more of in order to generate more conversions.

If you want to spread awareness of your website to the exact people who can make it go viral, you owe it to yourself to learn how to use Buzzstream.