Implementing Workflow Manager 1.0

Implementing Workflow Manager 1.0 - implementing workflow manager 1.0

Implementing Workflow Manager 1.0 – Activate Workflows on SharePoint 2013 and/or SharePoint 2016 and .NET based applications.

This training starts with a theory overview of the workflow platform framework for SharePoint and similar applications and gradually leads to a series of hands-on exercises of installation and configuration of the workflow manager 1.0.

The author is presenting the subject interactively through animation sequences.
One slide animated sequence or graphic worth much more than slide reading monologue.

This way of presentation is appropriate also for IT sales and IT workflow management solutions deciders and IT infrastructure administrators.

The course agenda:

1.  General information about Workflow Manager of SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.
Server-service design.

2. Architecture of Workflow Manager and Service bus.

3. High Availability

4. Implementation / Installation Hands-on procedure

5. Configuration of the workflow manager 1.0 for SharePoint 2013 and further

This course has not for a goal to present the workflow development.