IELTS preparation guide (Prelaunched)

IELTS preparation guide (Prelaunched) - ielts preparation guide (prelaunched)

IELTS preparation guide (Pre launched) – IELTS preparation guide, is a one stop destination to prepare for your IELTS exam. This course will definitely help.

IELTS preparation guide, is a one stop destination to prepare for your IELTS exam. This course will definitely help.

This course will help you in all the 4 sections in your IELTS exam. May it me Reading, writing, listening or speaking, we got you covered. Apart from the specific IELTS sections, we will also touch on English grammar. This course is specially designed for non-native english speakers, and students from non-native English speaking countries. This course is great for students from Asia and sub-indian continents.

Overview of the exam

1. Reading test

Duration: 60 minutes

40 questions in 3 sections

Passage per section (650 to 900 words)

10 possible question type

Question types

  • Multiple choices
  • Short answer questions
  • Sentence completion
  • Notes, summary, or table/flow chart completion
  • labeling a diagram
  • Choosing headings for paragraphs or sections of a text
  • Locating information
  • Identifying information, views, and claims

2.  Writing test

Duration: 60 minutes

2 tasks

Have to write 2 different passage

Task 1 based on a Visual

Task 2 based point of view

3.   Listening test

Duration: 30 minutes

Transfer time: 10 minutes

4 sections

10 questions per section

Total 40 questions

Have to answer while listening

Section 1: Conversation between 2 on general topic

Section 2:  Monologue on general topic

Section 3: Academic discussion, between a group

Section 4: Academic lecture

 7 possible question type

  • Multiple-choice questions,
  • Short answer questions,
  • Sentence completion,
  • Labelling a diagram or map,
  • Classification,
  • Matching
  • Form or notes or flowchart completion

4.   Speaking test

Duration: 11 to 14 minutes

3 parts

Examiner will try to check

  •  Fluency and coherence
  •  Vocabulary
  •  Grammar
  •  Pronunciation

Part 1: Short introduction and checks your documents

Part 2: The examiner will give you a task card

Part 3:   Abstract questions related to topic in part 2


In this course, we will try to cover all required topics which could be needed for the exam. Moreover we will also provided will plenty of practice material and articles for support you. This course will definitely help you to improve your IELTS band scope.