Human Resource Management Special

Human Resource Management Special - human resource management special

Human Resource Management Special – People Management & Human Resource Management for all.

This People Management and Human Resource Management course teaches the importance of People Management and the role of HR Professionals and Line Managers.

This course is specially designed to teach you the key issues around the differing roles of HR and Line Management and the evolution of People Management. This is very important to those considering a career in HR, those in HR and Managers with People Management responsibilities.

Master PEOPLE MANAGEMENT and watch your career take-off.

This course is designed for all levels of Managers and HR Professionals who want to improve their skills, understand HR better and move ahead in their careers.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Why HR changes over time
  • The absolute importance of YOU understanding Pluralism & Unitarism
  • The Role of the Manager in People Management and Human Resource Management
  • Some key Management Styles and why they are different
  • How to motivate staff and the theories of Maslow & Hertzberg in particular
  • The importance of Performance Management in HR
  • Some tips of why Appraisals can be difficult
  • Hints and tips to make Appraisals worthwhile and a positive experience

Improve Your People Management Knowledge

Regardless of what your level of experience is or type of staff member or manager, this  course is designed to provide you a great understanding of People Management and its development.

If you are currently a staff member of line manager your better understanding will completely revolutionise your understanding and relationship with Human Resource staff.