Grow Gains Translating Udemy Subtitles – Unofficial

Grow Gains Translating Udemy Subtitles – Unofficial - grow gains translating udemy subtitles - unofficial

Grow Gains Translating Udemy Subtitles – Unofficial – This unofficial Udmey Captions Translation Course shows how to translate captions easily to increase your student base.

Yes Udemy is currently mainly teaching courses to English speakers but why? Perhaps they do not have enough courses in foreign languages to push into new markets.

  • How many students are on Udmey today?
  • How many more could there be if your course was in 2, 3 or 4 languages?
  • How many of your fellow instructors aka your competitors take the tine to translate their courses into other languages?
  • By taking the tiny amount of time it takes to translate a course these days you not only increase your student base you can also beat the completion to it.
  • If you translate your course and so do other instructors it only give Udemy more reason to promote more courses in those languages so either way you win.
  • But you do not speak any languages. Well it does not really matter anymore in this course I will explain how to tranlsate your courses and how to check them ever if you do not speak the other language.

This course will show you how to translate your subtitles quickly and efficiently with few mistakes or few enough that your students will not complain. The worst complainers are English speakers when it comes to perfection in subtitles.

For anyone who wants to know how to set up a studio to get a good white background cheaply and easily I have through it into this course as a bonus. I show you my set up.