How I got contacted and published with McGraw-Hill

How I got contacted and published with McGraw-Hill - how i got contacted and published with mcgraw-hill

How I got contacted and published with McGraw-Hill – Want to learn QUICKLY about the book writing process?! This course is under 60 minutes!

I value your time …. in under 60 minutes I will walk you through the process of writing a book, getting it published, and hearing from raving fans who buy it.

I received my contract from McGraw-Hill in May and turned in the manuscript that October. I had a copy of the book in my hands the following spring.

Some organizations have purchased up to 400 copies of my book for their employees or conferences.

Learn more and get started …. 

  • Is it on your bucket list to write a book?
  • Wonder what the process is like?
  • Curious to know how much money you’ll earn? And important to know how much money writing a book will cost you!
  • Not sure if you want to self publish or find a publisher?
  • Concerned you’ll hit writer’s block and not get your project done?
  • What to ask when the legal contracts show up and you’re asked to sign away your life?

These are just a few questions that will be answered in this fast, get-to-the-point course on how to write a book.

McGraw-Hill contacted me and asked me to write the definitive book about networking. Learn how that happened and how it can happen to you as well.

I now have two books published with McGraw-Hill (well actually 3 but one is a 2nd edition). They have been translated into 9 languages – bizarre to write a book and I can’t read it.