From Zero to Fortune: Cryptocurrency investing in 2018

From Zero to Fortune: Cryptocurrency investing in 2018 - from zero to fortune: cryptocurrency investing in 2018

From Zero to Fortune: Cryptocurrency investing in 2018 – Learn how to find, invest and store your cryptocurrency.

Do you think that you missed another boat with cryptocurrency? Not at all, now it is the right time to get in, because in following years this market is going to join milions of people all over the planet. These are those years when you can make the best profit.

Anyway, there will be two types of cryptocurrencies here:

1. The Winners, which will be skyrocketing to unbeliveable profits. Maybe you don´t even want to believe it, but just in last year we had such cryptocurrencies which made 30 000, 100 000, and even 800 000% of gain just in one year. Would you like to exchange a simple 100 USD bill for 800 000 USD in a matter of one year? Than welcome in the cryptocurrency world! 

2. The Losers – with a great profit opportunity comes also a huge risk of investing into wrong cryptocurrency, that will go to 0 and you will lose all the money.

I know that quite well, I´ve been on both sides already and I decided to not be on the side of losers anymore. So I created perfect criteria, that you can apply on any coin on the market and find out if it has a potential in future or not. So far I had 100% success with my investments with these tools.

And because I don´t like these fake companies and shitty cryptocurrencies, I decided to share these tools with you guys to not and up on the boat of losers niether.

I decided to make my online course to be one stop shop for any investor doesn´t matter if experienced or not. I will guide you from total beginnings to really professional tools and procedures.

In the end you will be able to go out there, find your favourite cryptocurrency, buy it and store it safely. And that is all you need to know for cryptocurrency investing.

Plus I prepared something really awesome for you also. I did also my own research through the whole crypto market and from these 1500 cryptocurrencies I picked just a few gems that I really, really believe in…and I will reveal it to you in this course too!

So basically what you will find here is:

  • What is cryptocurrency and why they are so important
  • How to buy cryptocurrency
  • How to store them safely
  • How to find out if the coin has future big potential
  • How to avoid scams
  • How to analyze and pick ICOs
  • Tools for portfolio tracking, watching important events, and much, much more
  • My own portfolio based on a big research (which stayed in green numbers even through the market correction)
  • Lifetime access to my telegram channel