Free Test Your C Programming Skills & Become Expert in C

Free Test Your C Programming Skills & Become Expert in C - free test your c programming skills & become expert in c

Test Your C Programming Skills & Become Expert in C – Become Master In C.

The C Programming language has spurred many language developments since its invention by Dennis Ritchie in the early 1970’s. Many modern programming languages owe their syntax to C: learning C first makes learning other languages such as Java, php, and Swift much easier. C is still a very popular programming language after over 40 years.

This Course Covers Tricky C Programming Questions Which Helps In Your Interview preparation.

This Course Will Test Your In Depth Knowledge in C, At the End You Will Learn More Things That You Are Not Even Aware About..

Please Enroll in this Course if You Already know C Programming, Otherwise Please Don’t enroll, Because this Course is to Test Your C Programming Skills.

What People Have Said About This Course:

” It is a Great course! It teaches the skill by testing the knowledge of the learners! ” – Daniel Silva Ferreira Bruno

” I like the fact that you can learn a lot from such simple yet kinda hard tests ” – Alexis Miguel Duarte

” The test covered a very wide range of techniques used in the c language. I liked that! ” – Saul Flores

” Questions are unique and tests our in-depth knowledge.. Hope more questions will be added.. will suggest this course to my friends.. ” – Murugan S

” Non standard questions. Which answers is good to know. ” – Boyan Bonev

” Questions are too good, Totally unexpected 🙂 ” – Jeyasurya

Quizzes cover following topics:-

  • Input and Output
  • Variable Declaration and Scope
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Functions
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Loops & Control Structure
  • Structure & Union
  • Macro & Pre-processor
  • Arrays
  • Pointer Basic
  • Misc
  • File Handling
  • String
  • Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers
  • Advanced Pointer

More Questions Will be Added Regularly..