Facebook Live Marketing Strategy 101

Facebook Live Marketing Strategy 101 - facebook live marketing strategy 101

Facebook Live Marketing Strategy 101 – Discover the 5 key components you must know for a successful Facebook Live for Business.

What is the biggest reason most people never attempt a Facebook Live?

There are Five key questions every person wants answered because no one wants to embarrass themself, especially on their very first Facebook Live.

In this course we will explore and answer these 5 core basics of Facebook Live to make you a Live Streaming success.

  1. When is the best time to hold a Facebook Live for the highest amount of viewers online
  2. How do I write an attention grabbing title to turn viewers into stark raving fans?
  3. What are the hot trending topics that grows engagement
  4. What do I say during a Facebook Live without making a fool out of myself
  5. How do I make a profit with Facebook Live?

And watch for the bonus video material… an over the shoulder, walk thru video teaching the exact steps to starting a Facebook Live from your mobile device.