Edeo – Educational video courses and Marketing Introduction

Edeo – Educational video courses and Marketing Introduction - edeo - educational video courses and marketing introduction

Edeo – Educational video courses and Marketing Introduction – Key Benefits for Teachers and Schools and Join our Marketing Program.

Edeo’s mission is to provide Affordable, On-demand, Educational video courses to enrich life experiences through learning.

Affordable: If you can afford your time to learn, we can offer you the value-of-price.
On-demand:  learn at your own pace
Educational video: Combine Textbook, Audio, and Teachers explanation in to EDEO
Courses: Set of Videos, online quiz, downloadable notes and writing exercises.
We offer on-demand, affordable courses so that you can fulfill your limitless potential on your own terms.

Edeo’s courses are entirely on-demand which means that you can enroll in the courses that interest you and learn at your own pace.
Once you enroll in a Edeo’s course, you have lifetime access to it, and there are no deadlines to complete the course.

We believe that IT will enhance the learning experience for students. We take groundbreaking approach to develop the teaching system Edeo (Educational Video). Edeo is from Learners’ perspective. It integrates the Textbook, Video, Audio, and Teachers’ know-how explanations into Video. Edeo can be accessed through Computer, Smart Phone, Tablet, anytime and anywhere. The personal learning management system (PLMS) will trace the students’ progress. Live Skype and Facebook community provide the support you need. You are not alone. We are always with you!

In this Course, we will show:
Course Features by Contents Design
Latest IT support-in Classroom and after school
The main Features:
– Topic Oriented
– Step by step in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.
– Animated illustration
– Unique Chinese feature explored: like Character story, Pin Yin. – Video Support (the standard pronunciation and teaching)
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