E-Commerce Shopping Bot

E-Commerce Shopping Bot - e-commerce shopping bot

E-Commerce Shopping Bot – Welcome to the world of conversational commerce.

This course is about conversational commerce and it’s a basis to move forward to more sophisticated examples  from real life

Conversational commerce is a term invented in  2015. It refers to the intersection of messaging apps and shopping.

Now consumers can chat with company representatives, get customer support, ask questions, read reviews, and click to purchase  all from within messaging apps.

With conversational commerce, the consumer  engages  in this interaction with a chatbot

It’s how companies are enabling consumers to buy from them  without  ever leaving the messaging app they are using.

Now companies can send order confirmations in  Facebook Messenger, as well as shipping and delivery notifications.  and  interact with buyers in real-time

In this course we  will build  NodeJS e-commerce app   wich connects  to MongoDB for product data information  and sends   it  straight to  the shopping bot  based  on  Facebook Messenger

The e-commerce shop itself will be shown to the customers in form of webview

Facebook  Messenger shopping bot  in its turn will be connected to the other messenger platforms like Slack Telegram  etc

For this tutorial we  will use Slack as a second platform

If customer with whom we communicate in other messangers expresses desire to buy product he or she will be redirected  to Facebook Messenger shopping bot to make purchases

No fully  functioning  web site with domain name  required because customers don`t need it any more They want to buy inside their   favorite messanger

Our customers will register with Facebook Twitter or Google and make payments  with   Stripe or  Paypal

Also, as  the time of distributed ledgers  knocks in our doors I’m pretty sure every one of you will have a little server at home  soon and maybe it’s  time  to deploy e-commerce shop at home or in the office with help of Ngrok Link  (for example)  and not always  rely on  Heroku or  Red Hat OpenShift

At the end of this  course you  will be able to build  fully fledged e-commerce shop and chat bots to show this shop to the customers.