Death: One Person's Perspective

Death: One Person's Perspective - death: one person's perspective

Death: One Person’s Perspective – The subject that few will talk about but many will think about.

This Death course is very much one person’s perspective i.e. death through the eyes – and memories – of Peter Thomas. Peter also conceived the ‘Coping with Old Age’ course which has had many enrolments. As we start to age, many of us start to worry about coping with death – the deaths of others, friends and families. Also how our own death might impact on those we hold dear. What preparation should be made? What should/could you do with your time left?

Peter has his own views on this and – with occasional examples drawn from his long career in theatre and cinema – he expands on his thoughts of the death process, the afterlife, the impact on loved ones.

We are all going to die – it is important what we do with our lives now as well as how our death will impact on others.