Cryptocurrency Mining, Investing, App Creation & Outsourcing

Cryptocurrency Mining, Investing, App Creation & Outsourcing - cryptocurrency mining, investing, app creation & outsourcing

Cryptocurrency Mining, Investing, App Creation & Outsourcing – Do you have an app idea but not sure how to code it? Also discussing cryptocurrency mining investing and altcoins.

In this course you will be specifically taught how to distinguish cryptocurrency altcoin value as well as mining auctions. Will also be touching on outsource your app idea through up-work and how to Outsource the graphics for your app specifically I recommend 99designs.

We also go over a few potential ideas on how to dream up new apps as well as copyright and trademark descriptions.

As the lectures go on we also talked on how to form an LLC and get your EIN if you decide to take your business to the next level.

If you’re curious about cryptocurrency investing through binance or Robin Hood this is the course for you.

I also encourage you along the way and remind you that 7 year olds build apps and you can do the same as well. If you are passionate about creating apps and forming a company around your ideas you will get it done.

Creating cryptocurrency apps is an outstanding way to start creating passive income for yourself.

You don’t need to know how to write code or be an app developer to create apps anymore. You can also ass all of your ideas pay someone to do it for you and you run the company.

I strongly suggest going through Apple instead of Android. Of course for the Sewell need and iOS device.

Through this udemy course you will be able to

1. Learn the app market as well as trending cryptocurrency topics.

2. Understand fully how to Outsource not only your app idea but other aspects of creating a nap as well

3. How to form an LLC and attain a Ein

4. As well as some tips and tricks that I’ve learned with hands-on experience in the past.