Creating PHP Clean URL's in Apache with HTACCESS

Creating PHP Clean URL's in Apache with HTACCESS -

Creating PHP Clean URL’s in Apache with HTACCESS – Creating SEO friendly URL’s for Web Applications: Demo of Content Management System.

Hello, welcome to this course on creating clean urls in php & apache with htaccess.

In this course you will learn about creating clean urls with htaccess in apache server

Here I’m using simple content management system application developed in PHP & MySQL.

This is home page used to display all the articles and these are category pages to display articles based on specific category.

Here you can see the category url I’m going to convert these into clean urls

These are the single article pages, here you can see the urls these urls are not good for seo. I’m going to convert them into clean urls only just the title of the article.

And also I’ve created a contact page for this page I’m going to remove the php extension.

This is final result after making the changes to this cms system

We will start by removing php extension from url.

After that we will work on creating clean urls for single article page and final output will looks like this.

Next it’s category urls, after making category urls as clean urls you will see like this.

I’m displaying a category directory without a real directory in our file system.

In category pages we will work on making pagination links as clean urls, pagination number after category name.

By learning about clean urls with htaccess in apache server, you can take your skills to next level. And you can finish this course less than 1 hour and it’s easy to follow.

After this course you will feel like you can create clean urls in your projects without any doubt.

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