Creating a Mobile App interface in After Effects

Creating a Mobile App interface in After Effects - creating a mobile app interface in after effects

Creating a Mobile App interface in After Effects – The Best Adobe After Effects CC Course: The easiest way to create a Mobile App. Best Techniques and Methods.

Most apps follow the same interface design principles–principles defined in the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone specifications. Prototyping your interface with tools like illustrator and After Effects can ensure your app meets platform guidelines and help your usability issues bedore going through a lengthy developement cycle.

In this course, i will show you how to create an app interface from scratch using Adobe illustrator, and then take the finished design into After Effect for animatio. This is a start-to-finish project, going from concept sketches to the final product (an animated GIF).
The prototype will showcase the navigation and interactive aspects of the app interface and can be used for marketing of gathering client and user feedback
topics include:
– Sketching ides
– Planning ahead:knowing your target output
– Designing screens in illustrator
– Planning artwork for After Effects
– Creating reusable components
– Building and animating screens
– Adding transitions and gesture animations
– Exporting the final sequence as an animated GIF