Contextual Learning to Boost Creativity

Contextual Learning to Boost Creativity - contextual learning to boost creativity

Contextual Learning to Boost Creativity – How to boost Creativity in projects and day-to-day life using the Contextual Learning method.

Creativity is a blessing and a curse. It is something that brings value, but can be hard to grasp. And if you are in a creative state, how do you keep it? And in what way can you make creative projects work for your business and in day-to-day life? Let Contextual Learning help you to boost your Creativity!

Contextual Learning provides a different way of looking at the world, which frames creativity and makes it practical appliable. This course helps in

  • Overcoming blockages to Creativity
  • Provide a solid base to ground your Creativity in
  • Find ways to boost your Creativity
  • Be able to put Creativity into practice.

A Creative process is very personal. With the help of video-lectures and practical assignements and the help of lecturers and your fellow students, you will find your own way in boosting your creativity.

Feel free to explore what the course has to offer. Check out the free preview videos and remember that you have a 30-day money back guarantee once you decide to take the course. Join me in the virtual classroom and let’s learn to make meetings and trainings great again.