Communication for Epic Sex

Communication for Epic Sex - communication for epic sex

Communication for Epic Sex – A series of tools to level-up your sexual experience.

Do you know what your biggest sex organ is? Your brain! So it makes perfect sense that getting your cerebral system online with your sexuality creates the best setup for satisfying, mind-blowing sex! We’ll do this by exploring your own sexual needs and desires, by busting some self-limiting belief systems many people have around sex, pleasure love and connection.

  • The problem: The world has taught us not to communicate our needs clearly – to let the others decide them for us. You’re sex life will be better with THIS toy! You need to try THIS position to blow your mind. Three ways to make sure he never leaves you… it’s all very confusing and unsatisfactory.
  • The solution: Learning awesome communication and self-awareness skills to get what your deepest sexual desires met.

Each lecture has a follow-along handout for the visual learners out there.