Cloud Security and Financial Malware relationship for banks

Cloud Security and Financial Malware relationship for banks - cloud security and financial malware relationship for banks

Cloud Security and Financial Malware relationship for banks – Cloud Security related to Financial Malware and hacking gangs.

This course is designed to teach you how financial malware operates and how different scenarios are treated and handled by financial institutions using cloud security technology. Financial gain is still one of the major motivations behind most cybercriminal activities and there is little chance of this changing in the near future.

One trend that has become evident over the last year is that cybercriminals are increasingly moving beyond banking customers and are now also targeting financial institutions directly using top of the rock financial malware. So how can we protect using cloud security and why cloud security is the best approach instead of on premises tools?

Once inside the financial institution’s network, the attacker can learn how to transfer money, issue fraudulent transactions, or orchestrate ATM machines to dispense cash, these being the end result of the financial malware.

New exploits are created every day and users are still the weakest link. Is your mind so open in order to trust cloud security?

BOOST your career by understanding the mechanisms behind financial malware and what banks are looking for in choosing their anti-malware solutions and why cloud security is the best option in this case!

Why do you need a financial malware /cloud security training? Because you need to be able to understand how hackers think.

What you will get from this course? A complete idea about:

– financial malware history with examples

– cloud security tools banks use to protect

– common scenarios nowadays that involve financial malware or protection against financial malware using cloud security technology

– how to make a business case in order to acquire financial malware protection technologies from cloud and protect using cloud security subscriptions

– quick demonstration about operating financial malware in order to understand why cloud security fits in this picture.