CISSP© (Certified Information System Security Professional)

CISSP© (Certified Information System Security Professional) - cissp© (certified information system security professional)

CISSP© (Certified Information System Security Professional) – The CISSP is an objective measure of excellence and the most globally recognized standard of achievement in the industry.

CISSP course by Greycampus will impart strong foundational knowledge required to pass the CISSP certification exam by (ISC)². Moreover, this certificate will contribute towards the approx. 12 credits for the CISA certification, if you plan to take that too

The main objective of the CISSP course is to ensure effective and efficient delivery of Info Sec practices to safeguard assets of an organization to the satisfaction of the customers. Info Sec practice involves, Technical and managerial knowledge necessary to effectively design, engineer, and manage the overall security posture of an organization.

This cyber security certification is an elite way to demonstrate your knowledge, advance your career and become a member of a community of cyber security leaders. It shows you have all it takes to design, engineer, implement and run an information security program.