Chakra Healing With Essential Oils And Ritual

Chakra Healing With Essential Oils And Ritual - chakra healing with essential oils and ritual

Chakra Healing With Essential Oils And Ritual – Activate And Harmonise Your Energy With Essential Oils, Ritual And Profound Techniques.

Come discover your UNIQUE energy system. YES, in this course we look specifically at YOUR personal chakra blueprint!!

I guide you step by step through discovering what chakras are vibrating at the lowest frequency and which ones are functioning optimally.

The vibration of our chakras plays a huge role in the vibration of our health, happiness, sexuality, prosperity, and so much more. We want energy centres that are vital, vibrant, open and fluid. Often, though, due to lifestyle, harsh environments and foods, limiting beliefs and fear, we end up with very stagnant or closed off chakras. When this happens, life seems “hard” and we experience massive dips in motivation, confidence, and passion.

Luckily though, chakras are very responsive and will re-activate when given the right “medicine”.

Our chakras operate on an extremely subtle level, and if we want to balance, activate, or harmonise them… we need to use tools that excel in the subtle-realm. Introducing, Essential oils!!

Essential oils have a super-abundance of life-giving properties, and they rank at he top of the list of chakra-balancing tools.

Each of our 7 chakra centers is thought to oversee its own expression of associated bodily, emotional and spiritual energy, but each is linked and in tune with all the others. When one or more of the chakras is over- or under-expressing its associated energy, it’s thought to manifest as imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. When all of the chakras are balanced in their expression, the expression of physical, mental and spiritual well being is manifested.

The influence that aromatic plant essential oils have on the body, mind and spirit in the practice of aromatherapy can be adapted to promote balanced chakra functioning.

Join the adventure, a truly magical journey of self-discovery. I have experienced MASSIVE shifts in my finances, love-life, health, and confidence by working with my chakras via essential oils and other modalities I will cover in this program,