Building Apps with Vanilla Javascript

Building Apps with Vanilla Javascript - building apps with vanilla javascript

Building Apps with Vanilla Javascript – Learn to build powerful applications with Vanilla Javascript.

Vanilla JS means Javascript without any additional frameworks or libraries. Vanilla JS is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.

Learning Vanilla JS will help you understand the core JavaScript concepts.

Many aspiring web developers tend to skip learning core JavaScript concepts such as hoisting, closures, or prototypes. They go straight to the hottest frameworks such as React or Angular.

It’s hard to become a strong developer without knowledge of the core of the language itself.

It seems much easier to do a crash course on JavaScript basics, then ump into some fancy framework

…but investing time in Vanilla JavaScript will pay off in the long run.

Using Vanllla Javascript can improve site speed without impacting user experience. But many developers have never learned the equivalent code in JavaScript.

This course teaches you how to program the same features and functionality with vanilla JavaScript.