Bitcoin Trading 101

Bitcoin Trading 101 - bitcoin trading 101

Bitcoin Trading 101 – Profitable Bitcoin Trading Strategies for Bitcoin Day trading.

The CryptoCurrency Market is still in its infancy and has experienced explosive growth in the last few years, as The Market has grown aware of the current and future usefulness of cryptocurrencies. Pioneering the way is Bitcoin (BTC), the leader of the movement with a $4.5bn market cap.

Bitcoin is New…Fun…Dangerous…Volatile all at once. The volatility of bitcoin makes it great as a trading instrument, and thats what i am going to focus on here.

In heavility volatile periods bitcoin can move 20-50% in a single day. Which presents a massive opportunity for day traders to get in on the action.

Bitcoin Trading 101

What you will learn in this course is:

  • The Potential of Bitcoin
  • How to get started trading Bitcoin
  • How to recognize trade set-ups on Bitcoin Charts
  • When to Buy Bitcoin (long)
  • When to Sell Bitcoin (Short)
  • How to trade Bitcoin profitably
  • How to manage your risk

The course is a series of videos and handouts to reinforce the trading knowledge you need going forward. You can complete the course in under 2 hours and be ready to go.

This course is a MUST if you want to take advantage of a great instrument to trade, and to get in at the ground level, while the number of players is low.